Thanks Prayer

Dear Lord, Thank you for the Bible and for the words of wisdom, strength and love

Thank you for the happiness and love you have shown me

Thank you for being the Word of truth and caring

Thank you for Your understanding

I say these words in your name Oh Heavenly Father, Amen!

Forgiveness Prayer

Build the bridge!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for the forgiveness of my sins, I kneel before you and humbly ask for your guidance as I pray.

I know you gave your only son for the sins of all and you are the salvation.

I build the bridge to forgiveness with every step I walk in your glory.

Guide us through the sins of the world and deliver us from evil.

I ask these things in your name. Amen!

Faith Prayer

Dear Lord, Thank you for showing me the understanding of faith and how your glory will guide me to righteousness

Thank you for showing me humility and helping me through my weakest times

Dear Lord, please give to me the strength to hold true to my faith and to show others love and compassion through my love of You

Dear Lord, Unite the Christians of the world to one body of Christ, to one word of Christ, to one faith in Christ our Lord! Amen!

Ephesians 4:5

Share your Faith!

Let Us Pray!

Dear heavenly father, thank you for the grace you have shown to us and for the strength to follow in your example, for being the one true direction in our lives and for guiding our hands to help those in need. Your light is all-true and is the hope in our broken world. I ask you help those in need and bring salvation to those who find their way to you and restore faith in those who have strayed. I ask these things in your name oh Heavenly Father. Amen!

His Word