Quick Prayer

Forgive me Father for I have sinned, I “___________________________________” and now ask forgiveness. You are the strength of the world and through you, salvation can be given.


Dear Heavenly Father please help _____________________________ through these hard times and guide them with your glory!


Dear Lord, Thank you for this food we are about to receive and for bring us together as a family.


Our Lord Jesus, Please watch over us on our journey this day and keep us safe from harm. I ask this in your name.


Thanks Prayer

Dear Lord, Thank you for the Bible and for the words of wisdom, strength and love

Thank you for the happiness and love you have shown me

Thank you for being the Word of truth and caring

Thank you for Your understanding

I say these words in your name Oh Heavenly Father, Amen!

Faith Prayer

Dear Lord, Thank you for showing me the understanding of faith and how your glory will guide me to righteousness

Thank you for showing me humility and helping me through my weakest times

Dear Lord, please give to me the strength to hold true to my faith and to show others love and compassion through my love of You

Dear Lord, Unite the Christians of the world to one body of Christ, to one word of Christ, to one faith in Christ our Lord! Amen!

Ephesians 4:5

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